Watermelon Madness 120mL

Lemon Twist eLiquid


Product Description

When we think of the summer season, two flavors come to everyone’s mind: lemonade and watermelon. Well, thanks to Melon Twist Watermelon Madness, you can enjoy both of those splendid tastes at the same time. This is a deeply rejuvenating treat that takes everyone’s favorite summertime beverage and infuses it with the fresh juice of ripe melons. You’ll feel tantalized and relaxed whenever you puff away on this gorgeous e-juice. In fact, they know exactly how to put the perfect spin on the infusion of lemons with your favorite succulent treat.

The inhale gives you that tart, sharp taste that only citrus fruits can deliver. The zesty notes thrill your tongue as the sweetness starts to come through. Your thirst will be soothed as the vapor runs down your throat and into your lungs. When you exhale, the other half of this flavor duo takes over, tickling your senses with crispness while seducing you with its succulent juice.

Melon Twist Watermelon Madness brings with it some maddening clouds that will certainly excite.

They take the best part of a lemon and twist the tartness into every bottle, all while creating the flawless balance of "Yeah" and "Oh Yeah!"

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Lemonade / Watermelon
  • VG/PG: 70/30
  • 2x 60ml bottles

About The Brand

Twist E-liquid delivers hand-crafted E-Liquids nothing short of flavorful, colorful and unique in candy, cookie, drink and even fruity creations. Paired with the perfect starter kit can make the difference in experiencing this flavor the right way. Same goes for the subohm tanks and coils you choose as well!

 Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Awesome Fog Production
  • Quenching Vape Flavor
  • The Perfect Summertime ADV