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VCT Private Reserve

VCT Private Reserve

Ripe Vapes

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Primary Flavors: Cream, Custard, Vanilla, Tobacco
Limited in quantity and highly coveted, Ripe Vapes VCT Private Reserve has certainly become a huge hit within the e-liquid market. It's one of the most unique e-liquid experiences you'll ever encounter, and it all starts out as a standard bottle of VCT, which combines Ripe Vapes delectable blend of vanilla, custard, and tobacco. To add its own unique footprint, Ripe Vapes has barrel-aged this e-liquid for two months in American Oak barrels, making it transform into one of the best vaping experiences filled with outstanding flavor and a superb vapor production. If you're into brilliantly made complex e-liquid flavors, then we're sure you'll love Ripe Vapes VCT Private Reserve!

1 x 30ML Bottle

100% VG

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