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VaporX XRT Classic Vaporizer - Dry Herb, Wax Vape Pen

VaporX XRT Classic Vaporizer - Dry Herb, Wax Vape Pen


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Enjoying both dry herbs and oily waxes on the go doesn't mean having to buy a dry herb vaporizer pen and a wax pen, nor does it have to mean settling for a multifunction vape pen with lackluster performance. With the VaporX XRT Classic Vaporizer, you get the features of the best pen for wax and dry herbs in one convenient pocket vaporizer design.

Well Constructed Vaporizer Parts

The VaporX XRT Classic Vaporizer features some of the finest vape parts that you'll find in vaporizer pens of this price range. Its rubber mouthpiece is durable, yet incredibly comfortable to ensure your vaping satisfaction. The vaporizer heating chamber for herbs is fashioned out of ceramic materials for an impurity-free vape with every draw. The oil dish is optimized to help waxes vaporize as efficiently as possible.

No Screens, No Springs

You simply won't find a vape pen that is easier to maintain than the VaporX XRT Classic Vaporizer. The portable vaporizer pen does not contain springs that can fall out or become lost. It's also free of screens, so there are no components to regularly replace. You even get a vaporizer cleaning brush to help keep the Vapor X pen in great condition.

Ultra Smart VaporX XRT Classic Battery

The VaporX XRT Classic Vaporizer has a sophisticated battery that is compact, yet powerful. Its continuous press technology allows it to steadily supply power without overheating. Outfitted with 510 threading for vape mods, the VaporX XRT Classic battery is equipped with an indicator light that lets you monitor the amount of power left. A safety lock conserves power, and both USB and wall vaporizer battery chargers are included.

  • - Portable vape pen
  • - Works as a dry herb pen and a wax pen
  • - Comfortable rubber vape mouthpiece
  • - Ceramic herb vaporizer heating chamber
  • - Premium oil dish
  • - No screens or springs to replace
  • - One button operation
  • - 5-second heat up time
  • - Continuous press battery design
  • - Low battery indicator light
  • - 510 threading for vape mods
  • - 5-click vape pen battery lock

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