TFV8 Baby X4 Replacement Coils - 5 Pack


Product Description

When SMOK designs a new coil for one of their coveted tanks, they don’t mess around. According to these guys, the coils are just as important as all of the other hardware components. The TFV8 Baby X4 Replacement Coil beautifully exemplifies this, proving that the smallest details can make or break your overall vaping experience.

Get five high-performance, highly durable coils for your TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. Each features a quadruple coil configuration and a resistance level of 0.15ohms, ideal for sub-ohm vapers who enjoy mid-wattage output levels. This type of coils functions best when your device is set between 45 and 60 watts. 

Most importantly, every coil gives you a flavor experience you’ve been waiting for. Take a true hit that’s silky smooth and full of complex, rich taste. And, you’ll be dazzled by thick, abundant vapor with every pull.

Note: TFV8 Baby Beast Replacement Coils are NOT compatible with the TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub-Ohm Tank. 

Product Features

  • V8 Baby X4 Coil Head
  • 0.15ohm
  • Quadruple Coil
  • 30 to 70W
  • 45 to 60W Recommended Range

In The Box

  • 1x TFV8 Baby X4 Replacement Coils - 5 Pack

About The Brand 

Since 2010, SMOK has been one of the leaders when it comes to creating all sorts of vaping technology. Their intelligent and advanced technological driven hardware- MODs, pod systems, tanks and even coils, have given vapers a way to experience the best possible cloud and flavor production possible from the e-liquid (freebased or salt-based) they choose to vape with.

Why We Fuggin Love It! 

  • High Performance Coils
  • Easier to Wick
  • Satisfying Flavor and Cloud Production
  • 0.15ohm Resistance Level