Suorin Air Plus Replacement Pod Cartridge - 1PK



Suorin Air Plus Replacement Pod Cartridge - 1PK | Suorin Air


The Suorin Air Plus Replacement Pod is designed to fit the Suorin Air Plus Kit! No it doesn't fit your Juul, it doesn't fit your Mi pod, and no it won't fit on your purge mod. The Air Plus Pod has a 3.5ml E-Juice capacity and unlike the previous original Air pod, Suorin has made 2 different resistance pods! there is a 0.7ohm version more for Freebase nicotine than salt, and a 1.0 which would be the go-to for the MTL vapers out there who are using salt nicotine. The Suorin Air Plus Replacement pod also comes equipped with an oil baffle design to prevent leakage around the contacts to the battery, no more dry hits or too little power getting to the coil because of unstable connection. The coils inside of the Air Plus Pods are fixed at a horizontal orientation effectively letting the vapor travel up the chimney faster and more efficiently. The Suorin Air Plus Pod adds a lot more from the last one it should really be called the Suorin Air "multiply", but we trust the product from Suorin and feel they know what they're doing. So pick up a replacement pod for your Suorin Air PLUS Kit today and continue the amazing experience!

Pod Details:

  • 3.5ml E-Juice Capacity
  • 1.0ohm / 0.7ohm Resistance
  • Horizontal Coil Atomizer
  • Organic Cotton
  • Bottom Fill System
  • Oil Baffle Implementation 

Package Contents:

  • 1x Suorin Air Plus Replacement Pod Cartridge