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Strudel Mango Peach 60mL

Strudel Mango Peach 60mL

Strudel E-Liquid

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It’s hard to make time for the most important meal of the day when we are always at work. We have just added a new company to our list of premium e juice brands category. Super Strudel E Liquids is a scrumptious top quality vape juice brand that has been topping the charts and gaining a lot of popularity in the industry. Mango Peach Strudel by Super Strudel E Liquid is a delicious breakfast inspired flavor that is genuine to its flavor profile. It listed to taste like a warm flaky breakfast strudel stuffed with mango and peach jam topped with cream cheese icing. It tastes just like the real thing and has had our mouths watering nonstop. Upon inhale you will first notice the crisp flaky crust mixed with the fruit jelly flavoring. It is on the exhale where the creamy icing flavor comes into play. From inhale to exhale all the flavors combine into a delicious concoction of pleasure leaving a strong aftertaste. It has a gentle throat hit that is not harsh nor overbearing. The creamy icing and flaky crust flavor notes combine to smooth out the fruit accents creating a stellar throat hit. Mango Peach Strudel by Super Strudel E Liquid comes in a max VG VG/PG ratio. This usually means it probably sits at about 80% VG and 20% PG. This means this e cig juice has really strong flavoring, but also will emit some decent sized clouds. It comes in a green box with a punch of peach and mango slices floating around. A few of the slices are dipped in white cream to symbolize the icing. In the center of the box sits a picture of a toaster with two strudels in it on top of the brand name. The bottle comes wrapped in a matching label.

Beard Vape Co. e-liquids are the product of dedicated Californian juice makers who started out with their own vaping stores in the US before making their excellent juices available to the wider market.

Thanks to their popularity the Beard Vape Co. brings their e-juices to a whole new spectrum so vapers can fall in love with Beard Vape’s innovative flavor blends, which include treats such as cheesecake with strawberries and a very special cinnamon funnel cake.

The names of their flavors might be numbers, but the flavors themselves are uncompromisingly delicious.

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