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Strawberry Cheesecake E Juice

Strawberry Cheesecake E Juice

Aqua eLiquid

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This rich vapor taste of the 70/30 blended Strawberry Cheesecake e juice by Aqua E Liquids fulfills your desire for cheesecake finished with a hint of strawberry. Flawless taste and it's the ideal opportunity for sweet, strawberry cheesecake deliciousness.  Strawberry Cheesecake  Strawberry Cheesecake e juice by Aqua Liquids is the authentic kind of New York Style cheesecake finished with strawberries and syrup. The rich, velvety smooth kind of cheesecake baked into a delightful pie crust, finished with strawberries and whipped cream, is the flavor you'll never want to put down.


60 ml

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