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The SMPO AiO Kit is 100% authentic in quality, brand and performance! The exclusivity behind this device is its closeness to an actual cigarette. Unlike some of your traditional e-Cigarettesor vaporizers, the SMPO AiO is designed to replicate the same exact qualities, dynamics and satisfaction of a cigarette without the harmful affects.

The ultra-convenient design of the The SMPO AiO Kit doesn't require buttons or switches to operate. This compact device functions by simply vaping. To lock the device, quickly press the button on the front of the device 5 times.

The SMPO AiO Kit is available in Blue or Black. 

Package Contents:
1 x SMPO 650mAh Device
1 x SMPO 1.8mL POD Classic Tobacco
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

Product Specifications:
Power: Sophisticated temperature control enables a powerful vapor experience
Flavor: Nicotine Salt 
Patented heating system 
Plug-and-Play Connection: Gold Plated Proprietary Connection, Pod Acts as Tip
Auto Temperature Control/Low Liquid Detection
LED Battery Life Indicator Located On the Front of the Device

  • White: High, 70% or Higher
  • Yellow: Medium, 70% to 30%
  • Red: Low, 30% or Lower

Manual Language (8 Different Languages)
Available Colors: Black or Blue

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