Sky Pods Blue Lemonade - 5 Pack

Sky Pods

Product Description

On the hottest of summer days, you don’t need to always sing the blues. Instead, you can finally quench your vaping thirst the right way. How? Well, there is one iconic beverage that never gets old, and that would be lemonade. What’s even better than that? Perhaps enjoying it in a pod-based flavored form with Sky Pods Blue Lemonade. It’ll leave you in a state of bliss with every pull.

Succulent, ripe and oh-so plump and juicy blueberries and tart lemons splash around your tongue on the inhale. As they work their way towards your palate, a dose of sugary goodness kicks in for a soothing and refreshing exhale.

Comes in five pre-filled closed juice pods that are compatible with JUUL devices. Contains high-quality ingredients that give it a smooth and delicious sensation.

Sky Pods are not affiliated with or endorsed by Juul or Juul Labs in any way. JUUL is a registered trademark of JUUL Labs, Inc.

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Fruit / Drink
  • % Nicotine (60mg)
  • 1.0ML

About The Brand

  • A Fantastic Line of Fruity and Candy Pods
  • Each 6-Pack of Pods is Designed for Vapers that want to Satisfy Their Nicotine Cravings

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Natural and Clean Ingredients
  • A Nice Fruit Drink Vape Flavor
  • Good Throat Hit