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Shortcakes Bundle

Shortcakes Bundle


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60mL She's Drippin Strawberry Short B*tch- A strawberry shortcake to rule them all. Strawberry Short Bitch features a rich and scrumptious vanilla cake base bursting with sweet cream filling alongside a mountain of freshly picked and diced strawberries that will leave you wondering where the Strawberry Short Bitch was all your life!


60mL Ruthless Hotcakes Strawberry Shortstack- 

Strawberry Shortstack E Liquid presented to you by Ruthless E Juice is their newest addition to the 60mL lineup. Enjoy a big stack of fresh, warm hot pancakes topped off with whip cream and drizzled with strawberry syrup and powder sugar. The inhale is a delicious pancake taste that is peppered with powder sugar, and the slight notes of strawberry syrup are enough to taste. The exhale is a unique blend of pancake, strawberry, and powder sugar that create an amazing aftertaste.Strawberry Shortstack  E Liquid is a delicious vape and makes a great morning vape if that is what you are looking for.

Hotcakes E Juice introduces a delicious line of classic breakfast flavors produced by Ruthless Vapors.

Ruthless Vapors, based in California, strives to create mouth-watering e liquids that will maximize your vaping experience. Coming from a background in culinary arts and using top-quality ingredients, Ruthless has become known for its variety of delicious and unique flavors that all vapers can enjoy. Through time, Ruthless has become a staple in the vaping industry and is recognized throughout the world.

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