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She's Drippin' Liquids Bundle Deal (120mL)

She's Drippin' Liquids

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The deal of the year on premium e-juice is here!!!! For a limited time you now have the chance to try the all new Bitch Line by She's Drippin' Liquids for a fraction on the price. Featuring two amazing flavor profiles based on the famous cake flavors we've all come to love, vanilla birthday cake and strawberry shortcake!


Birthday Bitch (60mL)

Nothing says birthday bitch like a true vanilla birthday cake with thick layers of sweet vanilla icing topped off with rainbow sprinkles. If you're looking for a spot on take on that classic birthday cake taste you know and love then have a taste of the Birthday Bitch!


Strawberry Short Bitch (60mL)

A strawberry shortcake to rule them all. Strawberry Short Bitch features a rich and scrumptious vanilla cake base bursting with sweet cream filling alongside a mountain of freshly picked and diced strawberries that will leave you wondering where the Strawberry Short Bitch was all your life!


VG/PG: 80/20

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