Salt Nic 45mg - CinnaBomb 30mL

Element PMTA

Your favorite Cinnabomb Flavor, now in Salt Nic!

Product Description

CinnaBomb flawlessly captures the flavor of that yummy treat that you can get at the mall. With every hit, you'll taste that buttery pastry dough that's oozing with sugar and cinnamon as well as the decadent cream cheese frosting. Your sweet tooth will be in heaven as you vape this luxurious treat.

As you inhale, the warm cinnamon teases your tongue right away. The cinnamon is quickly introduced to a generous amount of sugary sweetness. The cinnamon and sugar melt into your palate as that ridiculously buttery pastry taste washes over your taste buds. The richness of the flavor intensifies as each taste bud becomes drenched in this delectable flavor. When you exhale, your tongue gets smeared in thick cream cheese frosting. This frosting is tangy, buttery and sweet, making your palate weep with joy. 

CinnaBomb has a wonderful cloud chasing blend heavy in VG.

You'll feel like a kid again as the sinful layers of flavor unfold on your tongue.

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Cinnamon Bun, Dessert
  • VG/PG: 80/20

About The Brand

  • They Treat All Vapers Like Family
  • A Wide Selection of pastry E-Juice Flavors
  • Using Only High Quality Ingredients
  • All Bottles Come in 100mL
  • Sweetener isn't Added
  • Each Juice is Perfect for All Vapers to Indulge in

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Awesome Fog Production
  • Good Pastry-Type Flavor
  • Intense Vape Taste


*Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image.