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Big Builder Bundle


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The Big Fuggin Bundle is here!   We have put together an awesome Fuggin Deal for you.  

The bundle includes the following below:

- (1) RDA or RTA (11 different atomizers to choose from)

- (1) 120mL of Fuggin eLiquid

- (1) 10 Pack of Demon Killer Coils (7 different coil options to choose from)

- (1) 5 Pack of Organic Cotton by Coil Master

- (1) Juice Off eLiqiuid Stain Remover

- (1) RDA Coil Brush and Cleaning Tool



- Tesla Clapton RDA 

- GeekVape Tsunami 24mm Glass Window RDA 

- Sense Herakles RDA 22mm

- UWell Rafale X RDA

- Wismec Indestructible RDA

- iCloudCig Nuke RDA

- iCloudCig Black Widow RDA

- iCloud Bullet RDA



- Smok TF-RTA G4 

- Sense Herakles RTA 

- Movkin JC25-RTA


JUICE OFF ELIQUID STAIN REMOVER:   Are you a messy vaper? Do you have a wet spot on your pants because your dripping and driving? Try Juice-Off, the instant e-liquid stain remover. This thing even works on coffee, ketchup and other tough food and drink stains. But we added something extra to really help get those e-juice stains out and gone.


ORGANIC COTTON BY COIL MASTER (5PACK):  No chemical treatment, No bleach, No Colorant and great flavor absorption. 


DEMON KILLER COILS (10 PACK):  7 different coil options to choose from!  (Clapception, Tri-Twisted, Spaced Clapton, Alien v2, Framed Clapton, Staple Staggered and Tsuka coils)


RDA COIL BRUSH & CLEANING TOOL:  The RDA Coil Brush & Cleaning Tool is perfect for cleaning your RDA. This tool prevents and cleans the carbon composition and grease that build up on your coils. Keep your coils lasting longer for a delicious vape with the RDA Coil Brush & Cleaning tool.



Shake Dat AssIntense. Ripe sweet strawberries blended into a classic full-flavored creamy and tasty milkshake. Our #1 seller. 

Taffed OutJust like your recent purchase at the candy shop, gooey salt water taffy bursting with red and white grapes, slowly churned to perfection.

Fuggin Donuts - Fresh, hot, delicious... a soft complex donut taste topped with pink strawberry frosting and colored sprinkles.... its an all day vape.... even addictive without the nic. Goes great with a cup of fuggin Joe. 

Cereal VapistAre you a cereal lover? Then get a load of this in your mouth.... Fruit Pebbles, Fruity Loops, Luck Marshmallow Charms, Tricks, and Crunch Berry!!! Yes you will taste them all you crazy cerealist.

OJ Creamson - Sweet, orange citrus tears through your tastebuds and then heals them back to life with a smooth vanilla cream

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