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Pudding 60mL

Pudding 60mL

Vapor Maid eLiquid

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Everybody loves dessert, it is by far the best part of any meal, and sometimes the best part of the day. Thanks to Pudding by Vapor Maid you can now have it as an e-liquid all day. This e-juice is delicious! Once you vape it you will have a hard time putting your mod down. Don't worry though, vaping this delicious dessert flavored e-liquid won't make you gain a single pound. Pudding by Vapor Maid is a marshmallow pudding e-liquid with just the right amount of cinnamon on top. It is the perfect E-juice to vape all day. When you inhale Pudding by Vapor Maid you get a delicious taste of pudding in your mouth, on the exhale the cinnamon undertones come into play, making this a scrumptious dessert flavor that you are sure to love. Pudding by Vapor Maid is distributed by Beard Vape Co, so you know it is a premium e-juice. At E-Cigarette Empire we carry this e-juice in 30ml glass bottles. Pudding by Vapor Maid comes in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine level to satisfy your e-juice preference. It is an e-liquid made with a 70/30 VG/PG mixture so you get a smooth throat hit that produces fat clouds as well as a mouthwatering taste. The label on the e-liquid bottle of Pudding displays a picture of pinup style senorita in what seems to be a cloud of vape smoke. Underneath this picture it has Vapor Maid written in light blue and red 3D style font. It is a very clean looking bottle of E-juice. Pudding is one of the top dessert flavors on the market. It is finger licking good. Don’t wait until you’re finished with you dinner to order this delicious dessert e-liquid! Hurry before all the Pudding is gone! Trust me you’re going to want seconds

Beard Vape Co. e-liquids are the product of dedicated Californian juice makers who started out with their own vaping stores in the US before making their excellent juices available to the wider market.

Thanks to their popularity the Beard Vape Co. brings their e-juices to a whole new spectrum so vapers can fall in love with Beard Vape’s innovative flavor blends, which include treats such as cheesecake with strawberries and a very special cinnamon funnel cake.

The names of their flavors might be numbers, but the flavors themselves are uncompromisingly delicious.

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