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Pounding Clouds

Pounding Clouds

Drippy Lee

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The first of its kind...With a twist... A moist, buttery,
delicious Poundcake made fresh just for you.  We've added a
side of juicy, sweet strawberries and round, plump blueberries
to entice your tastebuds and add that touch of flavor.  
Be creative and mix your own eliquid thats made just for you.

Includes: Special tin containing your Poundcake & Flavorings
           60ml Bottle Poundcake Eliquid
           5ml Bottle Strawberry Flavoring (must be mixed)
           5ml Bottle Blueberry Flavoring (must be mixed)
           30ml Unicorn (used to mix your own flavors)
           Very important: Strawberry and Blueberry
           flavorings can not be vaped alone.

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