Plus Pods Green Apple - 4PK

Plus Pods

Product Review

Green Apple by Plus Pods is a crisp, freshly picked green apple on the inhale and has a sweet, slightly tangy exhale. Plus Pods Green Apple pushes the limits of what we know as apple, and then twists it again! The Green Apple flavor is the perfect after-meal vape and goes perfectly with a nice cup of coffee in the morning. And a hefty dose of 6% delivers a vaping experience of salt nicotine e-liquids you won't soon forget! 

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Apple / Candy / Fruit
  • 6% Nicotine (60mg)
  • 1.0ML

About The Brand

  • A Fantastic Line of Fruity and Menthol Pods
  • Each 4-Pack of Pods is Designed for Vapers that want to Satisfy Their Nicotine Cravings

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Natural and Clean Ingredients
  • A Nice Tropical Vape Flavor
  • Good Throat Hit