Plus Pods Blue Raspberry - 4PK

Plus Pods

Product Review

Plus Pods Blue Raspberry, is tart on the inhale and has a sweet draw on the exhale. Plus Pods Blue Raspberry pushes the limits of what we know as vapor, and then twists it again! The Blue Raspberry flavor is the perfect after-meal vape and goes perfectly with a nice cup of coffee in the morning. And a hefty dose of 6% delivers a vaping experience of salt nicotine e-liquids you won't soon forget! 

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Fruit / Candy
  • 6% Nicotine (60mg)
  • 1.0ML

About The Brand

  • A Fantastic Line of Fruity and Menthol Pods
  • Each 4-Pack of Pods is Designed for Vapers that want to Satisfy Their Nicotine Cravings

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Natural and Clean Ingredients
  • A Nice Tropical Vape Flavor
  • Good Throat Hit