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EJuice - Platinum Label Flavors 30ml

Platinum Label Flavors 30ml

Vape Fuel

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Here's where you can get All of your Platinum Label Vape Fuel flavors! Here's a list of all of the flavors available with the Platinum Label Vape Fuel Line. Kosher VG Base, all are over 70% VG.

- Apple Crax - A refreshing apple cinnamon cereal flavor, like the popular breakfast cereal. 80% VG
- Blackberry Shine - Makin' good hooch is quite an art. It takes lots of time and practice before one can whip up a good batch that sells. A lil' bit of blackberry, lil' bit of rum, lil' bit of cream. While we can't claim it will hit you quite like a shot of good old fashioned moonshine, this recipe definitely shines as the first flavor of TKO Vapor's unique Platinum Label E-Liquid. 91% VG
- Code: 187 - We just murdered the competition! An explosion of fruit circle cereal with just a hint of cream. Made simply, there is nothing competing with that delicious fruity taste. 73% VG
- Daisy Love - Nothing tastes as good a cold glass of freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade. Quench your craving with this sweet. slightly tangy creation from TKO Vapor. It'll be your new favorite! 75% VG
- Fairy Blood - Starting with a little magic and ending with what can only be described as the sweet nectar of a fairy; this delicate blend of fruit flavors and creams is sure to enchant. Be prepared for the glamour of this supernatural flavor! 90% VG
- Love Potion #9 - This lovely concoction is brewed to bring out the lust in all of us! Intricate combinations of fruit and melon bring out a harmonious melody of flavors; sure to entrance your pallet. 82% VG
- Lucy Juice – NEW! Sweet, tropical fruit blend. This lovely concoction is brewed to bring out the lustfulness in all of us. Intricate combinations of fruit and melon bring out a harmonious melody of flavors; sure to enhance your pallet! Includes mango, lychee, honeydew flavors, among others. 83% VG
- Sonic Nerd - An Out Of This World refreshing berry and candy blend that will quench your thirst but leave you wanting more. You'll feel like you can touch the stars with this one! 87% VG
- Soul Fuel - Perfect. Sweet. Delicate. Delectable. This mouthwatering E-Liquid is lightly sweetened with a hint of sweetness and topped with the delicious tangy tartness of fresh fruit and apricots. Your hearts and souls will be completely captured by this bakery fresh dessert flavor!. 80% VG
- Sublime - We have developed what we believe to be the true meaning of the term Sublime. An extraordinary flavor that will wake up your pallet with a creamy Key Lime Pie taste. A favorite around here for everyday vaping; words do this flavor no justice. This is the creators' pride and joy . . . a true muscle car of E-Liquids! 78% VG

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