WARNING: These products contain Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Petri RDA


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Made In USA.The Petri Atomizer by dotmod Inc. is a beautifully made easy drip three-piece atty design made of hard anodized aluminum that features an innovative two-post design. dotmod Inc. has made a revolutionary move to incorporate a peek insulator onto the entire deck. The Petri Atomizer also features 2 large holes in each post for streamlined building, while large head screws make securing wire a breeze. dotmod's signature logo is featured prominently on the sleek black or red sleeve. Gold plating ensures high conductivity while providing a brilliant and visually striking sheen. Beauty and innovation, a hallmark of dotmod Inc. The Petri Atomizer by dotmod Inc.

Product Features:

Easy Drip Three-Piece Atty Design
24K Gold Plated Brass Deck
Entire Deck is Peek (Insulator)
Innovative Two-Post Design
2 Large Holes in each Post
Huge Juice Well
Large Screw Heads
Hard Anodized Aluminum Sleeve

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