Nitro Cold Brew Shakes - Key Lime Pie 100mL

Nitro's Cold Brew


If you could think of one yummy pie for dessert that would also go over well as a milkshake, what would it be? Nitro’s Cold Brew found just the right type of pie that will send you into a sugar coma. Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes Key Lime Pie is a creamy blast of key lime madness that's blended with graham cracker crust to make a zesty milkshake!

Every time you inhale and exhale, you’re treated to citrus key lime juices followed by that graham cracker crust pie flavor for the ultimate in true sweetness.

Key Lime Pie by Nitro’s Cold Brew Shakes has some impactful fog production with an 80/20 VG/PG ratio.

When your cravings are in high gear, you have gotta vape this e-liquid malt shop favorite.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 100mL Bottle

Product Specifications:

  • Primary Flavors: Key Lime Pie, Milkshake
  • Bottle Size: 100mL
  • VG/PG: 80/20

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Sweet and Tangy Milkshake Flavor
  • Intense Fog Production
  • Keeps Your Dessert Vape Cravings in Check