Naked 100 American Patriots Replacement Pods- 4PK

Naked 100 E-Liquid

Product Description

American Patriots is the straightforward, bold tobacco flavor that your heart has been yearning for ever since you gave up those analogs. Naked 100 American Patriots has managed to concoct an incredibly authentic taste that will make you swear that you’re puffing on the real thing. Inspired by those classic reds, this pod cartridge will take care of your cravings when nothing else can thanks to its astonishing taste as well as the potent dose of pure, intense nicotine salts that thrill you with each and every hit.

When you take in some vapor, the smokiness and earthiness make you feel ecstatic. Then, that richness becomes intense as the nuttiness adds some savory notes. When you exhale, get a tinge of sweetness that ties everything together.

Comes in four pre-filled closed salt-based juice pods that’re compatible with the Naked 100 Pod Mod Kit. Contains high-quality ingredients that equal a sensational vaping experience.

Find that true blue, American tobacco splendor with this blend that takes that classic, authentic taste that you love and really makes it shine for your vaping pleasure. Naked 100 E Liquid makes delectable blends that are going to stun your senses and make you into a dedicated fan the very moment that you are able to try the first one. They use nothing but the very best of the best ingredients and a true talent for remaking flavors to the fullest.

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Tobacco
  • 3.5% Nicotine (35mg)
  • 1.1mL

About The Brand

Based in California Since 2016 and Created from the Naked 100 Line and Manufactured by USA Vape Labs, this Company Uses Only the Highest-quality Ingredients. Continuing to Grow with Positive Reviews from Around the World, Their E-Juices are Perfect for Vapers of All Preferences.

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Natural and Clean Ingredients
  • Clean and Smoky Vape Sensation
  • Great Throat Hit