Mod Clip - Omni 22 Pocket Clip


EClyp Omni 22 Pocket Clip

The Eclyp Omni 22 is a pocket clip for your Mechanical MOD or Box MOD. It fits snugly between your tank and mod by sliding over the 510 adapter that comes free with each omni. The tank is then screwed on to the new adapter, keeping the clip stable. It is made from strong and flexible Kydex and made right here in the USA. It keeps it stable in your pocket or belt and is resistant to e-juice. It wipes clean with a wet rag or alcohol wipe.

Price is for one (1) Eclpy Omni 22.  Box MOD in photo is NOT included and is shown only for illustration purposes!


  • Fits 22mm Mechanical MODs and Box MODs
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Weight: 1 ounce

Warning: If you leave your Omni out in your car in extremely hot weather, the Omni will get soft and harden again when you get back in the car resulting in the Omni no longer being usable. Please do not leave your Omni or mod in the hot car. There is a chance your Omni will get soft and lose its shape! (You should never leave your mod in a hot car. Heat is extremely bad for the circuitry and batteries. Hot batteries have been known to explode causing physical harm and even death!)