Mngo Pods Mango Melon - 5 Pack

mngo Pods

Product Description

Mngo Pods has done us all a favor by combining the two fruits that we find ourselves craving the most. This pod flavor takes island-fresh mangoes and lovingly blends them with the smooth and refreshing nectar of big, juicy watermelons in order to soothe our taste buds while invigorating our senses. You’ll find that your thirst is obliterated after each and every hit.

With each inhale, that crisp melon juice titillates your tongue before a rush of tangy notes emerge from the tropical mango taste. As you start drooling, the thirst-quenching nature of this treat takes effect. Then, as you exhale, the natural sweetness becomes prominent, making you feel satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

Comes in five pre-filled closed juice pods that are compatible with JUUL devices. Contains high-quality ingredients that give it a smooth and delicious sensation.

Mngo Pods are not affiliated with or endorsed by Juul or Juul Labs in any way. JUUL is a registered trademark of JUUL Labs, Inc. 

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Fruit
  • 6% Nicotine (60mg)
  • 1.0ML

About The Brand

  • A Fantastic Line of Fruity and Menthol Pods
  • Each 5-Pack of Pods is Designed for Vapers that want to Satisfy Their Nicotine Cravings

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Natural and Clean Ingredients
  • A Nice Mango Melon Flavor
  • Great Throat Hit