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Marshmallow Man 2 30mL

Donuts E-Juice

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Donuts E Juice – Marshmallow Man 2 E Liquid 30ml

Marshmallow Man 2 30mL E Liquid is Donuts E Liquids latest addition. Building off the successful Marshmallow Man E Liquid that took the industry by storm. Marshmallow Man 2 is a delicious gooey, toasty marshmallow flavored vape, that does not disappoint. The inhale is a soft and fluffy marshmallow flavor with a toasty taste, almost a bit nutty, but not there. The exhale is a melting marshmallow taste with a slight toasty taste that floats in your mouth. Marshmallow Man 2 30mL E Liquid is a great marshmallow flavored vape, and the added toasty side makes it perfect! Be sure to give Marshmallow Man 2 30mL E Liquid a shot if you’re looking for an all day vape.

Bottled by Marina Vape, Donuts E Juice has become a household name for one of the best pastry/bakery e liquid flavors in the market. Based out of Southern California, Donuts E Juice made its mainstream appeal in 2015. Highly recognized by their sweet and decadent flavor, Donuts E Juice was able to expand their line to multiple flavors including the Original Donuts E Juice, the PBLS Donut E Juice, and the Marshmallow Man E Juice. With their delicious menu intact, Donuts E Juice is now a worldwide e liquid phenomenon.


Bottle Size: 30 mL (milliliter)

Nicotine Level(s): 0, 3, 6 mg