Lazer Wolf Salted 90mL Full Line/Sample Packs

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All three flavors from our Lazer Wolf line formulated with nicotine salts and a 50/50 VG/PG ratio specifically for your pod system or mouth-to-lung device. Nicotine salt allows you to smoothly vape at much higher nicotine levels and are often preferred by those making the switch away from cigarettes

Lazer Wolf Salted Ultra consists of a cinnamon bun vape juice flavor that’s simply amazing! It has a rich, vanilla ice cream taste wrapped in a warm brown sugar and cinnamon spice pastry, topped off with a glazing of sweet, sticky sugar.

Lazer Wolf Salted Turbo Relax with this delicious Strawberry Margarita e-juice flavor.

Lazer Wolf Salted Neon consists of delicious Peach Ring candy goodness that you know and love. Tastes exactly like the treat that will make you crave more with every hit!

Three chubby gorilla bottles* 30ml each

* Chubby Gorilla bottles are gen 3 non-spill and leak-proof with a secure tamper seal

Product Features

  • VG/PG: 50/50
  • Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Artificial and/or Natural Flavors. May Contain Nicotine
  • This product is designed for use in pod-based devices and other low output atomizers.

About The Brand

  • A Diverse Selection of E-Liquid Flavors
  • Use Only the Highest of Quality Ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • One of the Fastest Growing E-Juice Manufactures Out There
  • Each Juice is Perfect for All Vapers to Indulge in

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Awesome Cloud Production
  • Clean and Pure Vape Taste