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Jelly Drip

Jelly Drip

Jelly Drip E-Liquid

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  • Jelly Drip features a whopping 270mL broken up into 9 distinctly unique and delicious flavors that can be mixed to your preference. Based on your favorite flavored jelly beans, Jelly Drip's flavor profiles hit every note in the book! 

Flavors Included:

  1. Peach 30mL - These peaches don't come from a can. Farm Fresh!!!
  2. Grape 30mL - Red and white grapes smothered in a light creamy taffy finish, don't worry it's not wine yet!
  3. Chocolate 30mL - Creamy chocolate with a cream finish all wedged into a delicious sugary bean
  4. Orange 30mL - Oranges, Tangerines, and a few other secret citrus fruits blended together into a sugary bean
  5. Pear 30mL - Ripe pears mashed together into a succulent purée 
  6. Strawberry 30mL - Savory strawberries packed into a sugary bean
  7. PB&J 30mL - Just like mom's classic peanut butter & jelly but without the crust.
  8. Berry 30mL - A blend of blueberries and blue raspberries topped of with a hint of blackberry for a sour finish.
  9. Strawberry-Mango Piña Colada 30mL - This colada isn't your run of the mill beach beverage, zesty mangos and ripe strawberries thrown into a blender and finished off with a dash of coconut and pineapple.


VG/PG: 80/20

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