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Jazzy Boba 30mL Overstock

Jazzy Boba 30mL Overstock

Jazzy Boba

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Boba milk is known as a very relaxing jasmine tea, so the folks at Jazzy Boba decided to give you the same creamy tea experience in an ejuice. Slightly sweet and rich but powerful on the herbal notes, Jazzy Boba takes the experience out of the cup and puts in your device for vaping of choice.
Editor's Note: Tea time can now be anytime of the day you want it to be. Jazzy Boba stays true to the drink of a similar name. A very calming herbal flavored tea with a touch of creamer. The perfect vape for a little escape.

Primary Flavors: Jasmine, Boba, Milk, Tea
PG/VG Ratio: 30/70

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