IVG Menthol Kiwi Lemon Mint 60mL

IVG Liquids


Product Description

Are you ready for a soothing, refreshing summertime flavor that delivers the perfect hint of tropical splendor? IVG Liquids Menthol Kiwi Lemon Mint is fresh kiwi blended with hints of lemon. This tantalizing treat will remind you of sipping on a cool and invigorating beverage whenever you take a pull. If you’re feeling particularly vaping parched, this is the e-liquid that you want to reach for. Each hit gets rid of your thirst on impact while supplying your taste buds with the most delectable balance of fruity flavors imaginable.

At first, tart, zesty lemon juice squirts all over your palate, causing saliva to rush across the tongue right away. Citrusy freshness continues to dazzle you as the tangy and sweet taste of ridiculously juicy kiwis takes its turn blowing away your taste buds. Then, as you exhale, the perfect hit of chilly mint exhilarates.

IVG Menthol Kiwi Lemon Mint has a nice mix of all sorts of flavorful clouds.

A unique e-juice that you'll crave all day.

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Menthol / Kiwi / Lemon / Mint
  • VG/PG: 70/30

About The Brand

IVG has an exceptional talent for producing some amazingly sweet, fruity and even classic e-liquid flavors, all produced from quality ingredients, that vapers everywhere are sure to enjoy each time they hit their mod.

 Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Impressive Fog Production
  • Nice and Clean Fruity and Menthol Vape Flavor
  • Will Quench Your Vaping Thirst Instantly