IndoorSmokers VAPESTA Bundle 300mL



Indoorsmokers is the name of a popular Youtube channel who reviews everything in the world of vape.  Indoorsmokers VAPESTA Juices! Chris has designed three different e-juice flavors that matches his flavor profile. After tasting every vape in the world, it’s time for the Indoorsmoker fans to taste what all time vapesta likes to put into his mod.

Beastie Boizn' Berry - 100mL is licensed to vape! A Paul's Boutique of blueberry and raspberry with a sweet and sugary exhale. Fight for your right to flavor!

Original Vapesta (OV) - 100mL is a perfect grape flavor! Rich like the fruit juice, with a strong candied inhale. Gangsta enough to be the Original Vapesta Juice! Lean into flavor, and don't forget to pour a little out for your homies. 

YOGO - 100mL is a perfectly blended strawberry banana yogurt. Just like your favorite yogurt at the store. Perfect to take with ya wherever YO GO!