IndoorSmokers VAPESTA OV 100mL



Product Description

IndoorSmokers VAPESTA OV lets us indulge like nobody’s business in sugary grape-flavored goodness. This straight out da vaping hood e-liquid combines purple grape juice with grape-flavored hard candies that're sticky and flavorful. Each puff allows the sweet tooth to feel intoxicated without causing any damage to your precious teeth (or grillz). Are you drooling yet? We thought so!

Pull in enough vapor dawg and get that intense brightness from those little round, plump gems. Instantly find your mouth flooding with saliva as the natural nectar rushes down the throat to put your relentless thirst at ease. Then, that confection-like taste comes breaking in all of its syrupy glory. At the end, you’ll feel both refreshed and satiated.

IndoorSmokers VAPESTA OV will give you some sick clouds of vapor every time.

Gangsta enough to be the Original Vapesta Juice! Lean into flavor, and don't forget to pour a little out for your homies.

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Grape / Candy
  • VG/PG: 70/30

About The Brand

Indoorsmokers is the name of a popular YouTube channel who reviews everything in the world of vape. Now that they’ve entered the e-juice game, vapers everywhere simply cannot get enough of them.

Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Hype Cloud Production
  • A True Grape Vape Sensation
  • Can Satisfy Your Cravings Instantly