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Hotcakes Blueberry Flapjacks 60mL

Hotcakes Blueberry Flapjacks 60mL


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Ruthless E Liquid – Hotcakes Blueberry Flapjacks E Liquid

Blueberry Flapjacks is brought to you by Hotcakes E Juice. Vape delicious buttery pancakes topped with whip cream and succulent blueberry syrup with Blueberry Flapjacks e liquid. If you love pancakes you’re going to love this juice. The inhale is a rich buttery pancake taste, but with hints of powdered sugar that make the blueberry syrup burst with flavor. The exhale is a mellow sugary pancake with the blueberry syrup

not as bursting with flavor, but more mellow. This is a great morning vape and if you’re into pancakes and blueberries then you just found your next all day vape.

Hotcakes E Juice is brought to you by the famous makers of Hotcakes E Juice.

Ruthless Vapors, is a California based company with a goal to create mouth watering e liquids that will maximize your vaping experience.  Only the finest ingredients are used when making Ruthless E Juice and all of their ingredients are USA made. Ruthless also has a background in culinary arts, so expect their juice makers to make the most delicious unique flavors. Through time Ruthless has become a staple in the

vaping industry and known throughout the world.


Bottle Size: 60 mL (milliliter)

Nicotine Level(s): 0, 3, 6 mg

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