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Frosted Fuzzy Nilla Nade 30mL

Taffy Man E-Liquid

  • 1999
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Frosted Fuzzy Nilla Nade E-Liquid by Taffy Man E-Juice - 30ml

Ever tried a peach milkshake? This well-balanced blend of vanilla ice cream, fresh peaches and a glass of cold milk is as close as it gets.

The Taffy Man frosted fuzzy Nilla Nade E juice is a heaping scoop of vanilla ice-cream,a splash of fresh milk and a glass of fresh - ripen peaches. This is here to stay with this amazing flavor combination.

Some say the Taffy man is a man of a few words and an unknown origin.  Others say that he’s come down to concoct flavorful e liquids to single-handedly eradicate analog cigarettes as we know it. All we know is that the Taffy Man brings the best candy e liquids. Taffy Man E Liquid brings you four great saltwater taffy flavors that you’ve enjoyed when you were a kid! Enjoy four great tastes including: B1G

APL E Liquid, asour apple saltwater taffy flavor; GR8PE E Liquid, a grape saltwater taffy flavor;  H20BERRY E Liquid, a watermelon strawberry taffy flavor; and finally, TR4BLUE E Liquid, a blueberry saltwater taffy flavor. Brewed in beautiful Southern California, the Taffy Man E Liquid is here to stay with three great candy flavors!


Flavor profile: vanilla, milk, Peaches

Bottle size: 30 mL

Nicotine Level(s): 0, 3, 6mg

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