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Fried Cream Cakes 60ml

Liquid EFX

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Fried Cream Cakes E-Liquid by Liquid EFX - 60ml

The same delightful sponge cake flavored treats we've enjoyed through the decades has never been more accessible than it is in Fried Cream Cakes.
A perfect replica of the real treat is now right in your vape minus the calories or guilt. Rich sponge cake with a vanilla cream inside.
This e liquid tastes just like the famous cakes we've come to love and missed while they were no longer available.
Long lasting aroma and a lingering aftertaste that will bring your right back to your vape set up time and time again for another taste.

Bottle Size: 60 mL (milliliter)

Nicotine Level(s): 0, 3, 6 mg

100% made in the USA

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