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Freakshow Mini RDA


  • 1999

The Freakshow Mini is a miniaturized version of the very popular Freakshow RDA. This mini RDA has a shocking height of 19mm. Although this atomizer is small, it still has impressive airflow with inner and outer airflow slots. Plus, the Freakshow Mini has a pretty deep juice well at 5mm, and the wick channels maximize the juice well space. For optimal conductivity, the Freakshow Mini has a silver-plated copper contact. 


  • Incredibly short height (19mm in height)
  • Stealth delrin drip tip port alongside a dual finned top cap for maximal heat dissipation
  • Slotted post holes to account for wire and build variability
  • Allen keyed screws to minimize loosening
  • Airflow has been slimmed down yet widened to accommodate as much intake as possible
  • Dual coil airflow configurations
  • Three large outer airflow slots and large inner airflow slots for maximum air delivery (all 9mm x 3mm)
  • Deep juice well despite its small size (measures 5mm deep)
  • Wick channels maximize the deep juice well space
  • Negative posts are milled to the deck for rigidity and maximum electrical conductivity
  • Adjustable silver-plated copper contact ensures top grade conductivity
  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel
  • 22mm in diameter


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