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F1 Intellicharger


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The NiteCore F1 Intellicharger is 100% authentic! The F1 intellicharger is indeed intelligent, hence its name. The automatic charger is highly-adaptive and efficient,   compatible with wall/car adapters, USB cables and solar panels. With this charger, you’ll have the ability to power your electronic devices at home, in your car, anywhere, at anytime. The NiteCore F1 Intellicharger is lightweight so there’s no need to worry about the hassle of a heavy battery. Because all battery sizes are compatible with this charger, the included rubber band keeps batteries in place even when it is being carried around.

The dynamic charging features make this charger stand out from the rest. The automatic battery and power level detection ensures appropriate charging voltage and mode selection. It monitors your battery in real time and even blinks to alert you when the battery voltage is below 3.3V. Although this charger is small in size, it is made of high strength!

Batteries sold separately.

Package Contents:




Product Specifications:

Input: DC 5V, ≥500mA

Output: 4.2V±1% (slot)/5V±5% (USB), 1000mA MAX (slot)/1000mA (USB)

Compatible with: IMR / Li-ion / LiFePO4: 26650, 22650, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440


Automatic battery and power level detection ensures appropriate charging voltage and mode selection

When equipped with Li-Ion cell, charger doubles as a power bank with USB output

Three power indicators display charging / discharging status of the installed battery

Instant battery voltage indication upon installation

Monitors battery status in real time

Reverse polarity protection prevents damage caused by improperly inserted batteries

Crafted from ABS fire retardant plastic for safer use

Optimized for IMR charging circuit

Terminates output immediately once battery voltage is below 2.8V

Blinks to alert the user when battery voltage is below 3.3V

Includes highly elastic rubber bands to hold installed battery in place


Gold-plated contacts effectively resist sweat, rain and fog, and protect metal components from oxidization and corrosion in outdoor environment while improving circuit efficiency significantly

LED indicators blink in different patterns to indicate charging status



  • Never use your battery chargers for batteries other than the ones described and detailed on the package in which it came.
  • Making attempts to charge batteries other than what the charger calls for is seriously threatening and may even cause bodily injury. Because batteries contain Lithium-Ion, serious damage can occur if improperly used.
  • Carefully read the battery charger’s instruction manual as well as the safety information provided to you.  Adhere to all of the directions and proper operation of the charger within the manual.
  • Only use your battery charger indoors. Exposing your charger to high/low outdoor temperatures or high humidity can ruin the charger.
  • Do not store or expose this charger to water.
  • Never take apart or tamper with the battery charger.
  • Do not expose your battery charger near open flames.
  • Do not leave batteries unattended

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