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Cyclops Vapor

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Let the God of Lust consume you; this exotic blend brings together sweet and succulent cranberry & citrus flavors mingling with other subtle fruit undertones to produce a flavorful vape that will seduce your senses. Caught in the throws of passionate sex on the beach, you will be left to wonder where Eros has been all your life.

“I had not the heart to tell her, but then again no being of Olympus has a heart to share with mortals. Eros would take her, have his way with her, and leave her wanting. No mortal will can contend when caught in the fluid thrashing of lust – especially not with the advances of the Gods such as he. When he would leave, he would shatter her with words she would not understand… ‘that’s just pillow talk, baby.’” – Cyclops

35 ml

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