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Doge V2 RDA


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Wow. Much Vapor. Amaze. The authentic Doge Version 2 from Congrevape will have you thinking all this and more! The solid stainless steel Doge is a competition level RDA whose design has been refined to a level of pure performance. The stainless steel negative terminals are complemented by a replaceable, keyed (won't spin) positive contact. Two positive contacts are supplied; one in stainless steel, and the other in solid copper. Taking the level of customization even further, the Doge also includes a total of six buttery smooth, deeply slotted anti-strip M3 screws; three in copper, and an additional three in stainless steel. The 1 mm deep liquid reservoir holds a generous amount of liquid, while the 3 mm post holes will easily accomodate the heaviest gauges of wire. The top cap and ultra wide bore mouthpiece are a single piece, incorporating an adjustable airflow control system. Additionally an air injection feature in the top cap is designed to cool the vapor produced by super sub-ohm coils, as well as increasing expansion of the vapor for enormous, dense clouds. Such victory. Wow.

Air Injection System
14 mm Wide Integrated Competition Style Mouthpiece
11mm x 2.5mm Fully Adjustable Airflow Slots
Airflow Adjustable for Single Coil Builds
3mm Post Holes
M3 Screws, Copper and Stainless Steel Included
Large, Anti-strip Flat Head Screws
Two Keyed Center Posts, Stainless Steel and Copper
Heavy Duty Insulator
1mm Deep Liquid Reservoir
Top Cap Compatible with Doge Version 1

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