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Dick's Drip (Allergy Testing E-Juice)

Dick's Drip (Allergy Testing E-Juice)

Fuggin Vapor Co.

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Want to know if your allergic to E-Juice? Theres a guy on Reddit who does and there might be many more just like him. Well nows your chance. For a limited time you can try Dick's Drip. This e-juice does not contain traditional ejuice ingredients. In fact, you can't even vape it. Some people use dicks drip as mouthwash, some use it to wash there cars, and some people use it to as a test to see if theyre allergic to e-juice. Please read directions below.

1. Remove Dick's Drip from packaging

2. open bottle.

3. Pour Dicks Drip into a bowl (use plastic as you might never want to use this bowl again)

3. Dip your dick, or balls, into bowl. Then remove.

4. Lather. (make sure you get an even distribution)

5. Wait 20 minutes.

6. Dry off with clean towel or tissue.

7. Check for discoloration and use chart below for results


See Doctor




Not Allergic. (Note: once it turns black it will remain that way forever)


Not Allergic, you can vape.


Not Allergic, you can vape.




WINNER. prize. trip to the Dick Drip factory.


Not Allergic, you can vape.

Off White

Not Allergic, you can vape.


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