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Cream Bundle 600mL

Cream Bundle 600mL


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120mL OJ Creamson - Sweet, orange citrus tears through your taste buds and then heals them back to life with a smooth vanilla cream.

120mL CheeBerry - Thick and creamy New York cheesecake drizzled in strawberry syrup and topped off with some ripe, fresh strawberries! The dessert Vape that you must try!

120mL BlueGurt - Freshly picked ripe blueberries smothered in a creamy bowl of yogurt. It's so good it'll have you running for the yogurt isle at the grocery store!

120mL Lucky Marshmallow Cereal - Crunchy oats and magic multi colored marshmallows.  If you know what we're talking about, then you already love the taste.  Lucky you!

120mL Strawkiwi Swirl - Succulent strawberries and tarty kiwi smothered in creamy sweet yogurt.

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