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Cyclops Vapor

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Our Colossus premium eLiquid is a smooth and sweet vanilla custard. The subtle flavor combinations we use in our formula result in a satisfying pull, leaving a great taste on exhale without being overbearing. It’s just the right intensity. How could such a simple eliquid offer the intense decadence of a favored dessert?

Legends speak of the Colossus destroying armies, smashing entire fleets of war ships, and acting as a destructive weapon by those who would control it. Others speak of the Colossus acting as a guardian, utterly destroying those who harm the mortals it protects.

What stands more true: Gentle sweet giant or intense weapon of chaos?

Try our Colossus eliquid and judge for yourself

“They crowned their city with the spoils of war from the wretched refuse. I took what remained; their blood, tears, anger, sorrow and the molten remains of their spirits that broke upon the Colossus. The scrap of their bronze weapons and shattered armor now pays tribute to Colossus as it blends with the vapors. To partake in Colossus is to experience the fortitude of mortal man and taste the essence of power; with conquering limbs astride the land” – Cyclops

35 ml

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