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Cereal Bundle 600mL - Fuggin Vapor Co.

Cereal Bundle 600mL


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120mL Cereal Vapist-  Are you a cereal lover? Then get a load of this in your mouth.... Fruit Pebbles, Fruity Loops, Luck Marshmallow Charms, Tricks, and Crunch Berry!!! Yes you will taste them all you crazy cerealist.

120mL Shmuckey-Shmellows Cereal - Crunchy oats and magic multi colored marshmallows.  If you know what we're talking about, then you already love the taste.  Lucky you!

120mL Rabbit Hole - Take a ride down the Rabbit Hole. Psychadelic circular cereal bites will blow your mind and send your soul straight to flavor heaven. This drip is a trip, follow the white rabbit to down to flavor town.

120mL In Da Loop-  Fruity loopy oat flavor in a milky bowl of O's.

120mL Berry Crunchy-  This is an amazing cereal to vape. It's berrylicious and nutritious (maybe). The crunchy taste will make you say 'ay ay captain'. (no one has ever said that before but I'm sure they we're thinking it)