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Beachy And Brazzy - Fuggin Vapor Co.

Beachy And Brazzy


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Beachy Brazzy brought to you by NumSKULLZ E Liquid, another great rendition of candy infused fruit vape! Beachy is a mix of peach and banana bringing you a creamy rich fruity flavored vape. Brazzy is a mix of ripe blueberry and raspberries that bring a bold berry flavored vape! These two e liquids come in one single package and if you mix both of these flavors together, you get a THIRD flavor. These two flavors are sweet candied flavored fruit vapes, perfect for summer! If you enjoy candy flavored vapes, then you have to try Beachy Brazzy.


Bottle Size: 2 x 30 mL (milliliter)

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