AWT IMR 18650 3000mAh 50A Battery - 2 Pack


AWT IMR 18650 (3000mAh) 50A 3.7v Battery Flat-Top - 2 Pack | Aweite Battery

The AWT IMR 18650 (3000mAh) 50A 3.7V flat-top battery is designed with lithium-ion and performs as expected when it's charged. Running on high-capacity and low inner resistance, the Aweite Technology 18650 50A 3.7V battery is rechargeable and works with devices that are compatible. 

Battery is sold as a 2 pack.

Battery Features:

  • Model: AWT IMR 18650 (3000MAH)
  • Size: 18650
  • Dimensions: 18.2mm x 65.05mm
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge: 50A
  • Discharge Voltage: 2.5V
  • Positive: Flat
  • Protected: No
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Weight: 60g

Package Contents:

  • 2x AWT IMR 18650 (3000MAH) 50A 3.7V FLAT-TOP BATTERY


Category: Batteries & Chargers

Type: Accessory