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Nicotine & Flavor

Get (5x) 60mL bottles for only $10. 

EZ Duz It On Ice 60mL 0mg ONLY 

Two seasonal fruits collide with a solid brick of menthol ice, resulting in something that’ll keep you fresh while quenching your thirst on the hottest days of the year. As you pull vapor into your mouth, bright strawberry juice spritzes itself onto the palate.  Then, smooth, crisp watermelon nectar glides across the tongue, putting you at ease. 

Ruthless Jungle Fever 60mL 0mg and 3mg ONLY

As you inhale, savor tangy pineapple nectar that makes your tongue feel tickled with pleasure. Then, a rush of bright mango washes over the palate and soaks the taste buds.  When you exhale, a phenomenal sweetness comes through.

Bare Naked Kiwi Dragonfruit 60mL 3mg ONLY

Bare Naked Kiwi Dragonfruit is a downright delectable blend of two luxurious fruits, each intoxicating in their own unique way. But when combined, they provide you with a titillating experience that your taste buds are never going to forget. As vapor lands on your tongue, it should feel like each taste bud is soaked in exquisitely rejuvenating kiwi juice that’s bright, tangy and wonderfully sugary. 

Ruthless Bake It Guava Mama 60mL 0mg and 3mg ONLY 

Each time you take in enough vapor, savor a rush of fresh guava fruit that’s sweet and tangy. Then, the cheese base provides you with rich, creamy and slightly tart notes. As you feel like it can’t get any better than this, a churro crust provides you with notes of butter, cinnamon and glorious brown sugar.

Ruthless Bake It Nana Pie 60mL 3mg ONLY

Bake It Nana Pie is a no-frills take on one of the most beloved treats of all-time. This deeply luxurious e-juice will intoxicate you without putting a single ounce of fat into your body. This means that you can vape it all day long without feeling any guilt; just pure pleasure. Each time you inhale, a blast of velvety banana custard oozes across your palate, soaking every taste bud along the way. That richness becomes more and more intense as the whipped cream begins to hit the spot. Then, when you exhale, a buttery crust seals the deal.