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TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank

TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank


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TFV-12 Cloud Beast King Tank

Prepare to be blown away. 12 fuggin coil heads is nothing to smirk at. This bad boy will make you feel like your in a cloud with a single hit. Thank the vape gods this is a Smok product. Quality, Quality, Clouds!!!

Smok is back at it once again with the all new Smok TFV-12 Tank.  They call it the "Cloud Beast King".  As that maybe so, we like to call it the "Cloud Beast Killer" or the "Beast Slayer".  Smok has continuously impressed us with their TFV series of tanks. The TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank comes with the biggest coil head on a Sub Ohm tank you've seen to date!  The Cloud Beast King utilizes different coil heads including the V12-T12 (12 coils) and the V12-Q4 (quadruple coil) coil head which makes the start of 2017 the Cloud Beast King a winner.

It comes with one of each kind of coil they make for it except for the RBA-T. This way you can see what works best for you and your mod.

The Kit Includes:


1x V12-T12 Duodenary Coil (pre-installed) 0.12ohm (60-350w/BEST 130-200w)

1x V12-X4 Quadruple Coil 0.15ohm (60-220w/BEST 100-170w)

1x V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil 0.15ohm  (60-190w/BEST 90-160w)

1x Replacement Glass Tube

1x User Manual

Spare Parts



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