WARNING: These products contain Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Oh My Gush Salt

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If you crave candy and desire that blissful throat hit from high-quality nicotine salts, you're going to fall in love with Oh My Gush Salt created by Fuggin Vapor. This candy-inspired collection consists of sweet and satisfying fruit-flavored candies that gush with delectable juice. Each flavor in their collection delivers that punch of fruity candy flavor that makes you feel like you're reliving the very best days of childhood. 
Oh My Gush Salt utilizes nicotine salts in order to guarantee complete satisfaction with every pull. These nicotine salts give you that wonderful buzz and that punch to the throat that takes care of your cravings. Because these vape juices contain nicotine salts, they are only compatible with pod mod vaping devices. They are NOT designed to be used in sub-ohm vape tanks. 

All of the e-liquids by Oh My Gush Salt contain high-quality ingredients that guarantee that dazzling taste. You'll find that the sweetness level of each candy-inspired treat is just right. You'll never have to worry about that dreaded synthetic aftertaste thanks to the brand's devotion to quality sweeteners that complement the nuances of the fruity tastes. 
If you're wild about sweet and sour candies, Oh My Gush Salt has your back. From tart green apples to intensely sour blue raspberries, they've got a mouth-puckering treat for every palate.