Candy Bundle 600mL



120mL Melon Taffy Tail - Relax and refresh yourself with watermelon from Melon Taffy Tail! It is a delicious mixture of juicy watermelon and chewy taffy candy. A perfect summer thirst quencher vape experience.

120mL BJ - Ready your taste buds with BJ! Expect the tangy flavor of blackberry combined with the sweet taste of hard candy. A perfect combination of flavors for an all day vape experience! Comes with a variety of sizes and nicotine strength.

120mL Green Goblin - Oh my gushy candy vapes are here! We will bring back your childhood memories with your favorite candy flavor but this time with a twist. This sweet and green gooey gushiness is perfect for candy lovers!

120mL Trouble Bubble - Trouble Bubble your way to almost chewing on this flavor experience. Rich flavors that just cascade an evolving experience for even the most candy loving of vapers.

120mL Taffed Out - Just like your recent purchase at the candy shop, gooey salt water taffy bursting with red and white grapes, slowly churned to perfection.

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