IVG Pops Rainbow Pop 60mL

IVG Liquids

Product Description

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose just one candy flavor. That’s why we have IVG Liquids Rainbow Pop. Treat your taste buds to the full spectrum of fruity notes that your palate is always craving. One by one, each component slams the tongue with its bright and satisfying flavor. The sugary lollipop shell will keep you feeling as satisfied as can be while you savor this delectable e-juice treat.

That initial taste you get on the inhale consists of sublime tartness with a twist of tang. Juicy berries and sour citrus fruits team up to titillate your senses. Then, the juiciness of this blend starts to soak into your palate. You’ll be salivating as the flavors continue to punch you in the taste buds. The exhale makes your sweet tooth feel giddy with joy.

IVG Pops Rainbow Pop’s base has some awesome flavorful clouds.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re sucking on your favorite confection from back in the day.

Product Features

  • Primary Flavors: Fruity Lollipop
  • VG/PG: 70/30

About The Brand

IVG has an exceptional talent for producing some amazingly sweet, fruity and even classic e-liquid flavors, all produced from quality ingredients, that vapers everywhere are sure to enjoy each time they hit their mod.

 Why We Fuggin Love It!

  • Impressive Fog Production
  • Nice and Clean Rainbow Lollipop Vape Flavor
  • Will Satisfy Those Candy Cravings