Top 3 Fall E-Juices From Fuggin Vapor

Top 3 Fall E-Juices From Fuggin Vapor

September 22, 2016

Fall is here and we're stocking up on all your cool weather vaping favorites. Whether you are looking for something to last you the whole season or to vape for a special Halloween treat, Fuggin has got you covered. Check out these innovative e-juices and give one or all three a try, they won't disappoint!

Fuggin Fall E-Liquid #3: Gremlins Goo Kombat

If you're looking for something fruity, this e-liquid has done it  for the fall season. It tastes exactly like your favorite Monster Energy drink.This powerful fruit punch blend immediately ignites the taste buds with it's sweet and sour perfection. It may not pack Monster's almighty energy blend, however it highly satisfying and altogether reminiscent of the drink. It's available in three different nicotine levels tailored toward your personal satisfaction. Remember, “no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight!” Gremlins Goo Kombat is an almighty throwback that has rightfully earned its place among our fall favorites.

Fuggin Fall E-Liquid #2: Caramel Apple

When preparing for fall, what better to conjure up memories of everyone's favorite cool, crisp season than one of our all-time favorite harvest treats? Creme de la Creme's Carmel Apple is a superior fall e-liquid that packs notes of tangy green apple alongside a salty-sweet caramel finish. If you're craving the full flavor of a caramel apple, this e-juice expertly replicates the mouthwatering fall dessert, and is perfect for those upcoming cold nights. It comes in three strengths to delight any vaper. Be sure to check out this signature autumn blend today!

Fuggin Fall E-Liquid #1: Autumn Delight by Cloud Chasers

Do you believe in Ghosts? If you don't, you will after vaping this delectable Apple Crumble flavor. Vapers cannot resist Cloud Chaser's satisfying apple crumble flavor. To start things off, this flavor is Max VG, a quality which shines through when you experience the full, balanced flavor of sweet apple with sensual cinnamon notes. The dead-on apple flavor will blow your mind. There's no contest to this ultimate autumn recipe! No matter how experienced you are, you'll fall prey as your senses are overloaded with apple crumble and a hint of cinnamon. It's a great all day vape. So don't be scared; give it a try.

Fuggin Vapor has a lot to offer this coming autumn. If that cool breeze and crunchy leaves don't leave you in the mood for fall, these premium e-juices certainly will. Be sure to check out Fuggin's recommended flavors, as well as our ever expanding inventory of premium juices when stocking up on all your yearly vaping needs.

We hope you enjoy!