It's Time to Get Fuggin Ruthless and Loaded!

It's Time to Get Fuggin Ruthless and Loaded!

February 23, 2017


The Ruthless E-Juice brand has been around the vaping community for quite some time now, and it consists of some of the most dominant flavors around. All the while, still maintaining a rather high VG-ratio, which for some brands, can be a bit hard to do. The flavors that they provide are great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vapers alike, depending upon their vaping needs. The juices can be used in any system - tank or drip.

The Ruthless brand offers some things that not everybody does, so you definitely need to try these sweet e-juice flavors out:

SMORES: Enjoy rich notes of graham cracker sprinkled with cinnamon and gooey marshmallow melted with chocolate. On inhale of the  Smores E Liquid, you will taste rich notes of graham cracker topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and gooey marshmallow. The exhale gives a slight chocolaty flavor, but finishes off with warm gooey marshmallow.

GLAZED DONUTS: Enjoy soft and sultry notes of sweet glazed sugar on top of a pastry baked donut. Every vape is like taking a bite in a freshly baked or fried glazed donut. On the inhale of the Glazed Donuts E Liquid, you receive sweet notes of perfectly glazed sugar, dripping with every vape. The exhale gives a warm, pastry flavor; possibly one of the closest renditions to an actual donut.

CRANBERRY APPLE: Cranberry Apple Juice E Liquid by Loaded is sweet apples and cranberries blended together for a refreshing cranberry and apple juice drink!